Some of our software systems here at LavaBlast exchange “large” data sets (only a few megabytes) in order to synchronize data between the systems. The data being exchanged is simple XML and we assumed that the SOAP calls were compressed by the built-in HTTP compression in the web server. However, checking the HTTP headers on the server when a call was made, we noticed that the Accept-Encoding header was missing. (HttpContext.Current.Request.Headers["Accept-Encoding"] did not exist).

Surprised, we turn to Google and immediately found a reference to the EnableDecompression property of the SOAP client. By setting it to true, we ensured our SOAP client was requesting gzip compression when making calls.

LavaBlastServer.Inventory centralServer = new LavaBlastServer.Inventory();
centralServer.EnableDecompression = true;

There is not much more to it. However, if you’re unaware that this setting is required, you may have clients running in the wild that don’t use gzip compression but could benefit from it.

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