Point of sale surveillance With the Teddy Mountain teddy bear stuffing franchise, we’re fortunate enough to work with a technically savvy franchisor. Our website describes various elements that we’ve produced for their great franchise system. LavaBlast is proud to help centralize the Teddy Mountain franchise operations and bring the franchise offering to the next level. We’ve been working with them on various solutions since their early beginnings and grown our tailor-made solution with their growing needs.

Today, we launched a simple feature that allows franchisees to remotely monitor their stores, using security webcams that were installed when the stores opened. This is something they could already do, but we’ve integrated it into our solution so that they only have one place to go on the web for their product pricing, reports, etc.

The integration into our solution was a quick job thanks to the infrastructure we already had in place. We do little side-projects like this just for fun, to clear our minds!

PS: The Teddy Mountain store decor is absolutely fabulous. The Imagination Retail Group has found a great balance between visual appeal and supporting infrastructure.


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