We've done a few posts about how we use SubSonic here at LavaBlast. Recently, SubSonic v2.1 was released and we upgraded the code we've previously published to support this new version. We've blogged about our changes in the past and not much has changed since, but we did get a request to post our source code, so here it is. I've actually included a bit more code in this release so that this blog post has a bit more substance!

Download the source code.

The file contains our SubSonicController, SubSonicHelper, and our associated code generation templates. Nothing new to see here, except that you get downloadable code. We unfortunately did not have time to play with the new Query engine all that much, so our controller still uses the old one (which is used throughout our codebase). If anyone would like to augment our code to support the new query engine and post it in the comments, that would be great! Moving to the new query engine would circumvent the OR query limitation related to the search fields we've mentioned in the past.

Auditing using SubSonic

We like to log certain things in our Electronic Journal as it gives us ways to debug more efficiently, and provides us with a way to keep track of who changed what in case something breaks. We've included an SQL script that generates our ElectronicJournal table, and code which allows us to save events in the table. We've wired it up to our SubSonicController so that we can log all object updates, for example. What you log is your own business and it depends on your needs and performance requirements.


We've built an administrative interface over this table allowing us to navigate efficiently through the events. (Each of our pages in FranchiseBlast extends from generic controls which list/filter/page rows using our ObjectDataSource, effectively re-using the code we're presenting here.)

Various notes

  • Remember not to mix AND and OR in the current version of this code, with the old query engine.
  • Don't log everything on high volume sites, for obvious reasons.
  • Issue 3 is still open and waiting to be committed. The others bugs I previously reported (and a new one) have been committed.
  • We removed the ToList() which we added last time, because GetList() is already present. (Thanks to our readers for noticing!)
  • We replaced all calls to IsLoaded() to !IsNew() in our codebase. Click here to learn why.
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