Although we haven’t been very vocal lately, we have lots going on here at LavaBlast and hope to write up a few technical posts and make a few announcements this coming fall. In the meantime, don’t be shy and connect with two of LavaBlast’s co-founders on Twitter (@jkealey, @etiennet). Alternatively, come meet us in person at this week’s Startup Ottawa Drinks.

Last Friday, we gathered to celebrate Jason’s birthday.  As co-founder and president of LavaBlast, Jason has helped build this software start-up from the ground up over the past two and a half years; there’s no doubt that LavaBlast is a big part of his life!  Our friend Jean-Philippe had the great idea to buy a custom cake for LavaBlast’s leader!  Here are some pictures:

IMG_4097 IMG_4136 IMG_4141-Edit-2


As you can see, even Calis (Jason’s dog) wanted a piece of the cake!  In additional to be the only such cake in the universe, it was of high quality and tasted great!  Since it was a chocolate cake, it was a lot of work to have a white icing coating it.  I would recommend Sweet Mischief Cakes (another Ottawa startup!) to anyone living in the National Capital Region.  Cakes are hand made and you can choose pretty much any design you want on it.

Launching a startup is a tough job but, once in a while, you need to sit back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.